Tablet Cases at Grants Pass Cellular

Tablet Cases at Grants Pass Cellular

Grants Pass Cellular has Tablet Cases in stock.

Protecting your device with a sturdy case is a wise choice in protecting your investment. We can also custom order cases for nearly any tablet.

Here is brief list of some of the cases we have have available at your local Grants Pass Cellular.

  • iPad 1 Cases
  • iPad 2/3/4 Cases
  • iPad Mini Cases
  • iPad Air Cases
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Cases
  • Nexus 9 Cases
  • Universal 7″-8″-9″-10″ Tablet Cases
  • Many more!

Don’t see your Tablet listed above? Give us a call at (541) 295-8281 – Custom orders are available at no extra charge.


Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
posted 3 months ago

The employees are so knowledgeable and helpful!
We changed carriers and had been unable to get our Samsung S7 edge to connect even with the new carrier trying everything they could think of. Hoping that all the phone needed was to be unlocked by our previous carrier. I took it the company store where I was rudely informed that they don't unlock phones, it could only be used on their network and my only option was to a new phone with my new carrier. Luckily I remembered hearing about Grants Pass Cellular from a friend. I truly thought we were going to have to get a new phone or if Grants Pass Cellular could do something it was going to be an expensive ordeal. I have never been happier to have been wrong and lied to. It was a easy fix that just took knowing what you are doing and around 20 minutes. The best part was they didn't even charge me to fix it!

David Cook
David Cook
posted 4 months ago

I've been into G.P. cellular many times for phone repairs. (My son and I are hard on phones) I have ALWAYS have received great, knowledgeable service. Their costs are very reasonable, , considering they are smart phones) And more than once have had very helpful, complimentary service.
I am happy to recommend them to anyone.